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Spot the Difference!

October 11, 2023 1 Comment

Spot the Difference!

This week we have a great competition on our Instagram!

You will have three chances to enter into three spot the difference games this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (11th, 12th & 13th Oct). Spot all the differences in this image, then head over to our Instagram (@gallerypulse) to tell us your answers. Everyone with the correct answers and who are following us will be entered into a prize draw and the lucky winner will get 20% off the whole website. 

If you participate in all three games then we will do a draw on Saturday and the winner will get a pin or art piece of their choice for free!*

*art up to £80 and pins up to £95 will be eligible as this prize.


Game Number 1!:

We have a new art piece releasing on Friday and we have used it in this competition! Bambi by Raid 71

There are 8 differences in this image. Can you find them all?

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Amanda Coley
Amanda Coley

October 12, 2023

So, I am counting 10 total, but 2 are more than one difference with the same area and not sure if they are counted as one or 2, so that is tricky and could easily just be 8 if they are.

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