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Disney Cinderella Happily Ever After



Where did the words ‘happily ever after’ come from? It’s a beautiful expression that everything will work out perfectly, and it’s borrowed from fairy tale endings we’ve read in books and watched on films, including Disney’s Cinderella.

Cinderella and Prince Charming are now officially married and have dashed into the ornate carriage to depart for their ‘happily ever after’. The King is joined by Cinderella’s mice friends, and Bruno is running around with excitement. Meanwhile, Lucifer is trying to gain a higher vantage point to see why the stepsisters are crying inconsolably, as Lady Tremaine feigns a nonchalant, carefree attitude. Thomas Kinkade Studios has reimagined what these words could look like on canvas and present Disney Cinderella Happily Ever After.

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