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Aladdin Night - Two-tone


Aladdin Night - Two-tone

Ben Harman's sell out artwork inspired by the classics of Disney has been turned into a stunning series of pins!  

Aladdin Night, the dark version of Aladdin day by Ben Harman, has been beautifully rendered on this pin in stunning, vivid detail and framed with characters and objects synonymous with the original Disney movie such as the genie's lamp (of course!) Abu, and Jafar's snake staff.

This pin's frame is two colour, a mix of gold and silver tones. 

Artist: Ben Harman

Size: 6" x 3" 

Edition: 150

50 Day Two-tone

50 Night Two-tone 

50 Gold

*This pin does not come with a giclee. As it is a very large pin and a small edition we have boxed them and the certificate is under the foam insert as it is too big for it too!

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