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The Cartridge Family

The Cartridge Family

After witnessing a riot, Homer decides to buy a gun and after taking possession of the weapon, he demonstrates how to use it in a shockingly irresponsible way. Marge and Lisa are horrified, so to convince them that guns are great Homer takes the family to an NRA meeting, where he becomes a lifetime member. Marge is still really angry, so Homer agrees to get rid of the gun, but later Bart and Milhouse find it in the fridge.

Original production drawing used in the production of The Simpsons Television series

Episode: 'The Cartridge Family': Season 9, Episode 5

Original Air Date: 2nd November, 1997

Size: 12 Field Cel (10.5" x 12.5") Pencil drawing

Comes with Fox seal and Certificate of Authenticity.

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