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Studio Art Archives Series - Tell Me A Story

Just One!!!

This pin is part of the ACME/HotArt pins Artist Series - Tell Me A Story. 
This is pin #46 in that series, it's a Super Jumbo pin measuring 8,28 x 11,34 cm. 
It features Stitch (the blue alien from the movie Lilo & Stitch) reading a book with the famous ducklings listening around him. 
He is reading the book in the moonlight in front of a few torches, behind him you see the moon shining on the blue water and one star in the sky. 
The artwork is done by Schim Schimmel. 
The Pin was released in a golden box with a 4" x 6" litho and red velvet inlay. 
On the Litho and on the back of the pin you will see the unique number of each box written like xxx/100. 
The pins were announced in August 2017 to the subscription holders and the gold PinPics sponsors and were released in February 2018.