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Studio Art Archives Series - Rose Garden


This pin is part of the ACME/HotArt pins Artist Series - Tell Me A Story. 
This is pin #46 in that series, it's a Super Jumbo pin measuring 11,34 x 14,68 cm. 
It features Alice, wearing her blue and white dress, standing behind the Queen of Hearts in the rose garden. 
The Queen has a staff in her hand with a heart on the end. Behind here is the King of Hearts with his golden crown. 
In the background, hiding from the Queen are a guard, the dodo bird, and a hedgehog at Alice's feet, also the castle is shown. 
The artwork is done by Annick Biaudet.
The Pin was released in a golden box with a 4" x 6" litho and red velvet inlay. 
On the Litho and on the back of the pin you will see the unique number of each box written like xxx/100. 
The pins were announced in August 2017 to the subscription holders and the gold PinPics sponsors and were released in February 2018.

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