Pixar Mystery Collection


Pixar Mystery Collection

We have a second round of mystery boxes and they're better than ever! 

This second mystery box release contains 3 random pins inspired by various Pixar characters from The Incredibles and Monsters Inc

Not only are these pins bigger, but they also have some brand new features never seen before with Artland pins!

We have glass elements in the door behind Waternoose, Dash's cloud of dust, Jack-Jack's lazer gaze and....one of our mystery pins. 

Sully is also extra special - he's fuzzy! Not only that but Boo's monster outfit has real googly eyes attached! 

Sizes vary, smallest pin: 3" x 3" Largest pin: 5" x 7"

3 pins in each box completely at random

Pin Editions: 150 (two mystery chasers are 100 editions)


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