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Gothic Series - Complete Set

Gothic Series - Complete Set

Our new release this week sees six Disney princesses sleeping away in their gothic frames. First, we have Snow White, surrounded by a filigree border, sleeping under her stepmother's crown with her castle in the distance and roses fluttering around in the sky. Next, we have Aurora clutching a rose in her sleep with her sleeping kingdom in the distance and surrounded by briars. 

Elsa, our next sleeping princess, is surrounded by black icicles and falling snow while she sleeps on a soft snowy bed with her ice palace in the distance. Fourth we have Rapunzel surrounded by flowers and suns, sleeping with her floating lanterns decorating the sky. Our fifth pin features Ariel asleep in the deep blue sea with bubbles dreamily rising to the surface and surrounded by shells and seahorses. 

Last and most certainly not least we have Belle who has fallen asleep with her book and is surrounded by roses as beautiful as she is with her Beast's castle in the background. 

Edition: 200

Size: 3.5" x 2.5"

Comes with a certificate of authenticity