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Collectable Pins

We have two types of pins on our website! Smaller collectable pins that are hugely collected worldwide and we offer some of the very best. Mostly limited edition and many are sold out or closed editions. The reason our pins are different to anything else you will have seen is that we use our interpretive art to create them with our friends at ACME, we rarely use style guide art, that means our pins are unique to us.

These become great additions to a collection or are a brilliant way to express yourself! 

Our larger pins are limited to only 100 pieces and displayed in a high quality display case accompanied by the art that inspired the pin. These are hand crafted with layered enamel which creates a striking visual that can't be found elsewhere. Every pin comes with a certificate of authenticity and a descriptive plaque that explains the origin and the Artist who designed it. The pin is approximately 4 1/2" x 5". The art print is 4" x 6" and comes with a certificate of authenticity. 


The Front of the Pin Display

The Pin and Artwork contained within

The Plaque with the Piece and Artist's Name

The Back of the Box that confirms the authenticity of your pin

The Display wrapped in our protective sleeve