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Coma Guy

Coma Guy

Peter is ordered by Lois to read a book after his failure to read affects her party. After accidentally being given Van Halen's album 1984 instead of Orwell's 1984, Peter becomes addicted to their music. When he races Ernie the Giant Chicken, he is distracted by a squirrel and crashes, ending up in a coma. Dr. Hartman tells Lois that Peter is brain-dead and gives her the option of turning off his life support. Inside his coma, Peter goes through a series of odd dreams and hallucinations before ending up on a cruise ship full of dead characters. When he discovers the ship has no Wi-Fi, Peter quickly escapes the ship and comes out of his coma, awakening to Lois holding the plug to his life support in her hand, destroying his trust in her.

Original production drawing used in the production of the Family Guy Television series

Episode: 'Coma Guy': Season 18, Episode 17

Original Air Date: 26th April, 2020

Size: 10.5"-11" x 14"-17" pencil drawing

Comes with Fox seal and Certificate of Authenticity.

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