Classic Cutout Series - Stitch - Antique Gold Version


This pin features Stitch, the blue alien from the movie Lilo and Stitch, he is seated, immersed in the book that he is holding on his lap. 

It is from ACME/HotArt - Artist Series - Tell Me A Story The book is red with the silhouette of a duck on it. 

It is 1 3/4" Wide X 2 1/8" Tall

This pin series is created in a Limited Edition 500 Size but there are 5 versions, so of each version there are only 100.

This is the Antique Gold version, this can be seen because of the colors of the lines on the front of the pin and the color of the back of the pin.

The back of the pin has a number that can be used for playing the Pinopolis Game.

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