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Hercules Framed - On Alert!



We are celebrating Ben Harman's beautiful works with our first pin release of the Harman Framed series. This four pin release of Robin Hood, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty and Hercules features the gorgeous art pieces by Ben Harman framed in their own unique ways. All frames are either antique gold or a two-tone variant!

This Hercules pin features the detailed Harman art screen printed onto an antique gold pin base with a frame in antique gold or two-tone. The frame depicts a Grecian temple with Hercules' enemies on the left including pain and panic, and on the right Hercules himself holding up Philoctetes the Satyr and the Muses. 

Artist: Ben Harman

Size: 6" x 3"

Edition: 150

75 Gold 

75 Two-Tone

*This pin does not come with a giclee. As it is a very large pin and a small edition we have boxed them and the certificate is under the foam insert as it is too big for it too!

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