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Stranger Things Artwork is Finally Here..

January 02, 2017

Stranger Things Artwork is Finally Here..

Stranger Things tribute pieces now available on Pulse Gallery!


Pulse Gallery is excited to announce the arrival of a small collection of three tribute art pieces, inspired by the amazing Netflix original drama series, Stranger Things. The artworks interpret iconic moments of the first season episodes, while capturing the series’ thrilling dark atmosphere by making use of the contrast between neon lights and the night’s darkness, which is so abundantly applied throughout the story.

“Stranger Things” by Barry Blankenship is an alternative poster, which binds different major characters in the same scene: Eleven, Mike, Lucas and Dustin arriving at Will’s house, while Joyce and Jim Hopper are searching for Will in the Upside Down and in the moonlight there is the menacing figure of a Demogorgon. Features...

“Run” by Amanda Cook is based on the third episode, when Joyce strings Christmas lights all around the house, to establish communication with her missing son, Will. Features…

“Friends Don’t Lie” is based on the embrace that Mike, Eleven and Dustin shared in the sixth episode, when Eleven saved Mike from certain death after being bullied to jump off a cliff.


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